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CSA Farm Memberships

You can spend your CSA Membership dollars online for pick up or at our Farmers Markets booth and our farm stand. You can order a few things every week all summer, or order large amounts occasionally! You are completely in control of how and when you make your purchases creating the ultimate flexibility in local food buying. More information on how it works below!


Crops you can choose from seasonally:




Spring/Fall Radish




Winter Squash/Pumpkins




Plant Starts

Basil/other herbs



And more!


Get 20-25% off by buying a CSA Membership

$200 membership = $240 credit 

$400 membership = $500 credit

PLEASE NOTE! All of our produce is locally grown and therefore is seasonally available. Produce is available between April and December with the best selection and crop variety available June-October


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - How it works!

The Summer CSA farm membership program is a market style membership to be redeemed between May and December at any farmers market or farm stand location Colorado Fresh attends. When you purchase a share for $200, you receive a CSA card with $240 on it. When you purchase a $400 share, you receive $500 on your card. 

These memberships can be used anytime in the calendar year at our farmers market stands. Colorado Fresh will be in attendance at the Larimer County Farmers Market (2020 season is confirmed) on Oak St. on Saturdays starting in late May, and the Downtown Laramie Farmers Market on Fridays, which begins in June. We also allow order pick ups at the farm and are adding curbside pick up options in Fort Collins that is TBA soon!

We grow much of our produce pesticide free and with organic methods when possible. We focus on quality and affordable pricing so that you and your family always have the option to eat healthy! Purchasing a CSA membership from Colorado Fresh Farms ensures that you are supporting local family farmers. We use that early membership money to purchase seed, supplies and more that are necessary at the beginning of the season to grow our crops. It's a win win, you get a discount, and we save on expenses!

Reach out today to claim your share of fresh local food!

Contact us with questions or purchase on our farm store page!

If you prefer a paper option you can also simply fill out and return, via mail or in person, our sign up form available to download below!

CSA Sign Up Form

Download the below form and return, your CSA card will be mailed or given to you when turning in the form.

Colorado Fresh 2020 Summer CSA (docx)